In 1991, a few years after I left Jetzt! (see my story about Jetzt! << here), Bernd Begemann asked me if we could record a song together. It was the year after the German reunification and German nationalist feelings started to grow again here and there. Bernd wanted to produce an electronic track in which he would caricature conservative […]

Dear All, like probably all of you I feel heartstruck by the events that happened just a few days ago in Paris on January 7th 2015, when brute criminal terrorists slaughtered the good people of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo allegedly in the name of Allah.

Yesterday I attended the “Trans-Europa-Express” show of Kraftwerk’s 8-concert series at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. Each concert puts a different of their classic albums in the spotlight. The Neue Nationalgalerie will be closed for renovation after these concerts, so this was a once-in-a lifetime chance to witness classic futuristic music in classic futuristic architecture.

In June 2014 Mijk van Dijk gave an interview to Italian DJ Mag which was published in the issue #42. So far this was only published in paper print, not online. By friendly permission of DJ Mag Italia we are now able to post the first big feature of Mijk van Dijk in an Italian magazine.

— It’s kinda strange when you find your very first demotape from 1987 with a paper cover produced at the copy shop priced with € 75,- on Discogs. This analog music cassette contained 5 songs with German lyrics recorded with my band JETZT! in 1987.

On Sunday December 28th I attended the 31C3 (31. Chaos Computer Club Congress) in Hamburg. My friend Daniel Domscheit-Berg showed me and my son kindly around and the whole experience was very impressing to say the least. Today I watched 2 online presentations that I unfortunately missed.

This is the DJ mix of music 4 the microglobe #21, the December 2014 edition as heard live on, cuebase-fm and XLTRAX on Thursday, December 18th. It’s Christmas time and Mijk van Dijk plays music 4 the microglobe, for all people, no matter where they are from or where they are going to.

Exactly 20 years ago I played in Japan for the first time. Since now, I have travelled 26 times to Japan, made many friends and built a strong bond with that amazing country. Sometimes I am asked, how this all happened. I’d like to share this story with you today.

Dear Friends around the microglobe, a remarkable year 2014 has almost come to an end. I wish you a Happy Christmas and a wonderful start into a super New Year 2015 with these two tracks of my  Xmas Carols EP on BluFin Records.

1. Tome R – Prixie (Jamie Anderson Remix) – Family Grooves 2. Funk D’Void, Andres Aguirre & Tweakers – Easy Tiger – Outpost 3. Röyksopp – Sordid Affair (Maceo Plex Remix) – Wall Of Sound

It’s Christmas time and people are taking their ideas of Christian tolerance to the streets. Or better: not! While self-proclaimed “European patriots” are moaning about their fears of an “Islamistic infiltration”, the children of the microglobe know better: we are one people on a tiny planet and can’t be divided by conservative neo fascists, who want […]