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Sunday Music

Every Sunday I would like to treat you to my favourite music to be played on a Sunday afternoon, usually chilled and relaxed and not necessarily electronica. Most of this music has been very inspirational to me and it’s my pleasure to share this with you. Discover my musical taste beyond the beat. This is what the web is for, right?


Sunday Music: Round about Midnight

Just before this Christmas Sunday ends: some midnight vibes from Inge Brandenburg, a true German Jazz Diva from the 60s.Up there with the best!

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a glow – perfect – The Video

Strange and mysterious things happen in the autumn-coloured forests of Oberhavel in the far north of Brandenburg. Problems shrink and people get lost. Like in this wonderful video

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Sunday Music: Tranceformed From Beyond

Yesterday night I played once again together with my friend Harald Blüchel aka Cosmic Baby at the Liquid Sky Berlin Ambient Underwater Candlelight Jam at Maze in Berlin. In 1992 we conceived together an early milestone in electronic music history: the compilation Tranceformed From Beyond,

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Sunday Music: Krautrock

Yesterday night’s session at LSB_tv was quite amazing: the whole scale was larger, wider, bigger. We recorded in the big studio at Alex-TV and had an impressive video installation. Several acts from the Liquid Sky universe would meet and play. I had just returned from my gig at Weberknecht in Vienna and was about to play […]

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Sunday Music: Snarky Puppy

While I was sitting with my Liquid Sky Berlin mate Omsk Information for dinner at Rootz in Kreuzberg the other day (we had those delicious Santa Fé wraps, yummy), he mentioned a multi-racial Jazz Fusion band from Brooklyn, NYC called Snarky Puppy.

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High On Hope Summer

Sunday Music: High On Hope (Long Hot Summer Remix)

Now this was summer 2014. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Especially the last week was a nice payback for some unnecessary cold and rain before. 22 years ago around this time, I was waiting for the release of the Summer Remix EP of my Microglobe track High On Hope. And I […]

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Sunday Music: Phobia

When I was working with DJ Hell on several common productions in 2007, I suddenly heard bells in my mind. This happens quite often in totally different situations: suddenly a sound or a melody strikes my mind like a comet and I wonder where I know this from. Those heavy dark bells would not leave […]

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Sunday Music: Flammende Herzen by Michael Rother

Just recently I received a promo of a new compilation called “ELECTRI_CITY – ELEKTRONISCHE_MUSIK_AUS_DÜSSELDORF” full of old gems by Düsseldorf based bands from the 70s and 80s like Der Plan, La Düsseldorf, Harmonia, DAF, NEU!, Die Krupps, Liasons Dangereuses and more, to be released soon on Grönland Records. Also on this compilation is a track by […]

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roy ayers ubiquity

Sunday Music: My Life In The Sunshine

Message from the waterfront: don’t hang around in the shade. Enjoy your life in the sunshine. Coz like Roy Ayers knows: Everybody Loves The Sunshine. Need I say more?

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Sunday Music: Long Hot Summer

Pfhhhh, such a hot day today in Berlin. And here’s my perfect soundtrack for a lazy hot sunday afternoon: The Style Council’s Long Hot Summer with it’s super-elegant bass line and floating arpeggios and of course the golden voice of Paul Weller.

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Oh Happy Joy

Sunday Music: We Are The Champions

Sunday Music on a Tuesday? Yes, please excuse me, but yours truly was busy watching the Football World Cup Final last Sunday and to jump for joy after the match. I already told you a bit or two about my passion for football and my hope, that the German team might face the Dutch in the final and […]

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MK Naomi Sessions live

Sunday Music: ADSX, Sense & Dr. Walker – The MK Naomi Sessions

As most of you might or should know I am part of the Liquid Sky Berlin collective and good friends with LSB head honcho Dr. Walker of Air Liquide fame. Liquid Sky Berlin is the home for all kinds of disturbing and distorted electronica, but also has a beautiful ambient side to it, especially when […]

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