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Posted by on Sep 11, 2014 in Blog, BluFin, Genre, Labels, Projects & Co-Productions, Tech House | 0 comments

Mijk van Dijk & Rummy Sharma – Restless (Video Edit)

BleibtreuCoverRestlessVideoThis is a fine example of our fast and forward internet society: produced in New Delhi and Berlin, either physically sitting in the same studio or swapping files across the web, my friend Rummy Sharma from India and myself produced 3 tracks, that will be released in late September on friendly BluFin Records from Cologne.
While the tracks were still in the mastering process, we were road-testing the EP and especially the track Restless performed extremely well in our shows. So we decided: hey, let’s do a video edit.
So I sat down with 2 beers, my MacBook and my trusted V-Moda headphones on my kitchen table and cut the club version with not many hesitations into a video-friendly 4:30 minutes version.
And while having my first coffee the next morning I already noticed that it was up on Rummy’s Soundcloud.
No better proof for approval needed, right? 😉
So please show some love on Rummy’s Soundcloud and if you please a bit on mine too. 😉
I hope you are anticipating the video for this as much as we do!
“We have top men working on it right now!” (one of my favourite quotes from the Indiana Jones movies)
(And this post incl. upload to my Soundcloud took me longer than to do the actual edit, phew….)

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