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musicshare1Yesterday I was invited for an interview and short DJ set at music share web TV in Tokyo.
Later my friends Toby Izui, Kaori and Hardy Hard popped in and the interview became really deep. I was really happy not only to discuss my affection for Japan and my latest projects.
We also talked about my forthcoming label microglobe productions and that each of my EPs will deliver a message much in the way like I used to do on my first Microglobe album Afreuropamericasiaustralica: simple slogans and deeper lyrics, spoken or sample-based, all much in the tradition of Chicago House music.
We’ve been talking about the refugee situation in Europe, about Greece and the influence of the tabloid papers as well as the need to support green energy and what every person can personally do to change things simply by choosing which products to buy and which to avoid. At the end of the show I played a few of my latest productions as well as lead tracks of the first 3 EPs on microglobe productions.
musicshare3That section of the interview starts at approximately 49 minutes.
My DJ sets starts at approximately 1 hour 19 minutes.
The interview is in English and Japanese.
The music is universal!
Like the heritage of the late Susumu Yokota, whom I give a tribute with the last 2 songs in my set.

1. Reqterdrumer – Torrent Of People (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Blue Arts Music
2. Mijk van Dijk – Time Is Now – microglobe productions (unreleased)
3. Superstrobe – The Future (Mijk van Dijk’s Future House Remix) – BluFin
4. Mijk van Dijk – We The People – microglobe productions (unreleased)
5. Brothers In Raw- Nozomi – M3 Release
6. Mijk van Dijk – Peace 4 All – microglobe productions (unreleased)
7. Ebi – Sei – Space Teddy
8. Ebi – Hi – Space Teddy

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