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Superstition Records was a Hamburg based label, established in January 1993 by Tobias Lampe and Marc Chung, discontinued in 2003. Mijk van Dijk released some of his most beloved records here. Mijk’s most important works on Superstition were the EPs of Marmion, Mijk’s Magic Marble Box and his own EPs and albums Glow, Teamwork, Everyground and the mix albums Mindcontrol and Decade, a super-mega-mix out of over 70 snippets from the whole back catalogue of Superstition.

Isn’t the web great? I just found this video shot of Loveparade 2004 in Budapest/ Hungary with my track “How Deep Is Your Love?” from my Paperwall EP on Superstition in 2001. Nicely done and lots of fun to watch.

Between my fingers you can see the golden deer at Volkspark Schöneberg which was featured on the cover of the 2010 remixes of Marmion’s classic Schöneberg. Now 20 years after the original release of the track by Marcos López and myself on Superstition Records, it sounds fresh as ever.

“It was 10 years ago today, Tobias Lampe told Mijk van Dijk to play…” Well, of course this is not about Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, it’s about 10 years after 10 years of Superstition. 10 years ago, Superstition released their final compilation, mixed and mashed-up by Mijk van Dijk in a unique “Bastard […]

Superstition Records from Hamburg is celebrating their 10 years anniversary in grand style. Label head Tobias Lampe asked Mijk van Dijk to do a mix CD in a similar fashion like his  track “Super 100” of the 100th release compilation which was constructed only out of samples of the first 99 releases.

In 2000 I had the honour to provide music for 2 PlayStation 2 video games: Ridge Racer V, a starting title for the PS2 and Armored Core 2, a robot fighting simulation. I’ve been a fan of the predecessor of both games, so I was very delighted to work on this.

Marcos López and me were invited to disucss and perform in the music show Eurotops on East-German TV channel MDR. The topic was dance music and how people interact with it. Another guest was Frank Farian, producer of Boney M, Milli Vanilli, and others. Riding high on the wave of success of our Marmion smasher Schöneberg […]

In 1993, my friend Marcos Lopez and me composed a classic which 20 years later still spreads ecstasy and goose bumps on the dance floors around the world. The Marmion Berlin EP was composed and produced in my studio in Schöneberg and hence one tune was in fact called “Schöneberg”.