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Posted by on Jul 27, 2018 in Blog, Japan, Mijk van Dijk | 0 comments

Kaga Festival Japan

Kaga Festival 1Apart from appearances at DOMMUNE and Oiran Warm Up Radio Show my main occupation on my 30th tour to Japan was my first ever gig at Kaga Music Festival, a beautiful little music extravaganza in Ishikawa prefecture at the Japanese Sea. It’s an onsen festival, so taking a hot bath was also on the list, despite the hot weather of 35°C.

After a convenient ride from Tokyo with the Shinkansen and Thunderbird trains, our small group arrived in Kaga. The festival hosts many different stages, some electronic, some with bands and even some with pop idols.

One great experience was when House legend Soichi Terada invited Toby Izui and yours truly on stage for a solo with the Korg Kaossilator. I’m so glad that this enchanted moment was captured on video.

 My DJ set after this sweet live jam was ever so rewarding. Playing after Tofubeats and before Towa Tei to an enthusiastic crowd, my set was more like a concert.
And of course, after an after hour in our traditionally style room, we went to the onsen (hot bath) at 4 am in the morning for relaxation. How good is that?
Thank you Kaga Festival for having me, it was an unforgettable pleasure.

Oiran Warm Up Radio Show