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Mijk van Dijk DJ & Live Gigs

I’m happy to come back to Salon zur Wilden Renate for a DJ set at Metro, together with Frank Muller aka Beroshima and Alex Cliche at Schwarzer Raum on Saturday, February 25th 2017.

I played live at the Old School Party Tekknozid last Saturday. So much love, so much sweat, it was just great! Thanks to Tekknozid head honcho Wolle XDP

I’m gonna play an Old School LIVE-Set as LoopZone at Tekknozid on February 18th, just like almost 25 years ago. It’s gonna be all live with hardware machines and no strings attached.

I played my first techno liveset this year at Kassablanca Jena, performing a journey through my music from the last 25 years and also introducing the forthcoming first EP on my label microglobe productions called “Peace 4 All”.

Himmelpfort is a special place in Germany – it’s a beautiful small village in the far north of Brandenburg, idyllically surrounded by four lakes and dense forests.

It’s time to play live again. I’m feeling it! Since my last live show at Nature One 2015 I have only been playing DJ gigs and some ambient electronic live jams with my Liquid Sky Berlin family. So I was very delighted when Kassablanca club  asked me to play a live show for their “25 […]

My friend Peter C. Krell is hosting a vinyl records pop up shop at Kisuna Arts & Records Pop Up Shop in Berlin-Mitte this week. This is about the art of crate-digging, but also introducing the brand-new Technics SL-1200 GAE turntable,

Yesterday’s Walfisch Revival Party once again meant a back reflection to the Old School. I brought almost only records that I didn’t play in my sets from 2015 and 2014 to further complete my narrative of Old School tracks rather than playing the same set again in a different order.

My dear friends and fans in Japan. In July 2015 I will be somewhere in your neighbourhood again. I will play your and my favourite music with decks, FX and a drum machine.

マイク・ヴァン・ダイク JAPAN TOUR 2015 親愛なる日本のファンと友だちのみなさん。来月(15年7月)また日本に行き、何ヶ所かでプレイすることが決まりました。みんなの、そして僕自身のお気に入りの曲を、タンテ&CDJ、エフェクター、それにドラムマシンを駆使してかけようと思っています

On June 13th 2015 I played a classic Techno DJ set at The Promised Land Open Air Festival in Spaarnwoude/ The Netherlands. I was impressed by the familiar feeling within the audiance and you could really tell, that all of these people have been celebrating on Techno music already 20 years ago and still feel […]