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This will be the complete discography of Mijk van Dijk releases. There are so many, so this list is not yet completed.


a glow – perfect – The Video

Strange and mysterious things happen in the autumn-coloured forests of Oberhavel in the far north of Brandenburg. Problems shrink and people get lost. Like in this wonderful video

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a glow – perfect EP – roter punkt 004

a glow are singer/songwriter Jette von Roth and DJ/producer Mijk van Dijk from Berlin. Together they produce crackling campfire electronica. „perfect“ is the first single release

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Rummy Sharma & Mijk van Dijk – Mankind United EP

I’m excited to announce my next release on BluFin Records from Cologne: the Mankind United EP, once again with my man from New Delhi Rummy Sharma and again conceived in both of our studios. This is BluFin catalogue number 200.

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The Future EP

Superstrobe – The Future (Mijk van Dijk’s Future House Remix)

My next release is out: my “Future House Remix” of Superstrobe’s The Future. When Manuel Winkler aka Superstrobe gave me a couple of new productions last year, The Future was the stand-out track.

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High On Hope

Microglobe & Machinedrum – High On Hope

Now this is not me jamming with an Elektron Machinedrum, nor a direct collaboration with the NinjaTune recording artist Machinedrum. But at least, we are indeed both involved. The full story goes like this:

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Music 2 Survive – Refugees Welcome Compilation

I have been extremely lucky to be born and raised in a wealthy and peaceful country like Germany, to be able to turn my passion into my profession and even travel the world as a music performer. I have made friends in many countries and always have been welcomed with open arms.

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Reqterdrumer - Undulation EP

Reqterdrumer – Torrent Of People (Mijk van Dijk Remix)

Out now: my remix of Reqterdrumer’s Torrent Of People (Mijk van Dijk Remix). Reqterdrumer is the alias of DJ Tomoya from Fukuoka on the Southern Japanese island Kyushu.

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10 Years Of BluFin

10 Years Of BluFin

BluFin Records from Cologne is a fine label for Techno, Tech and House, established by Andrea Engels in the 00 years. I released my first EP on BluFin in 2006. It was called Denn Es Ist Wie Es Ist, Weil Du Bist Wie Du Bist EP (BluFin 017, roughly translated: “It is like it is because […]

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Bass Works Recordings 100th Anniversary Compilation

Bass Works Recordings is a respected Techno label from Japan, which is relatively unknown in Germany. However, they are already celebrating their 100th release now with this compilation called “Nessie”. I’m proud to be featured on this compilation with a remix that I did for my friend Shin Nishimura.

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Video Bleibtreu by Mijk van Dijk & Rummy Sharma

This is the video for the title track of my new EP on  BluFin Records together with my friend  Rummy Sharma from India. Bleibtreu has been started in New Delhi as well after a long day of sightseeing.

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Restlessstill1 2

Video Restless by Mijk van Dijk & Rummy Sharma

This is the video for Restless, one of three tracks on my forthcoming Bleibtreu EP on friendly BluFin Records from Cologne, produced together with my friend  Rummy Sharma from India. All tracks have been produced in New Delhi and Berlin, either physically sitting in the same studio or swapping files across the web.

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Make U Happy EP

Remixing Family Grooves

The second remix that I finished over the Easter holidays is again for Family Grooves, the friendly little label from the European neighboorhood, namely Trogir/ Croatia, a beautiful medieval small town nearby Split, right at the magnificent Dalmatian coast.

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Some assorted highlights in Mijk’s discography:
1990 – 1991
first 12“-releases  on Low Spirit and Bash Records, both from Berlin
Tranceformed From Beyond  – MFS 021
probably the world’s first so-called Trance-Compilation in a revolutionary
mega-mix, compiled and conceived by Cosmic Baby and Mijk van Dijk

Microglobe – High On Hope (The Summer Remixes) – MFS 025
Mijk’s first club hit

Berlin 1992 – Auferstanden aus Ruinen  – Tresor/ Novamute
a crucial compilation highlighting the Berlin scene
Marmion – Berlin-EP – Superstition 004
including Mijk’s classic „Schoeneberg“

Mijk´s Magic Marble Box Vol.1 – The 4 Seasons Of The Mind-EP – Superstition (12”)
including “The Wildlife”, which was featured in the 1996-TV ad for the Renault Megane
DJ Hell – Geteert & Gefedert – Disko B
including „Herz“ and „Hot On The Heels Of Love“, produced by Hell & Mijk van Dijk

Microglobe – Afreuropamericasiaustralica – The Album – MFS 055
Mijk’s highly acclaimed first artist album, focussing on issues like preservation of the
environment, global warming, cultural frictions, basically all the issues, we are still talking some 20 years later.
Moby – Everytime You Touch Me -Remixes – NovaMute
including Mijk van Dijk-Remix

Mijk´s Magic Marble Box Vol.2  – Tokyo Trax-EP  – Superstiton 2041
Mijk’s love declaration to Japan
Denki Groove – Niji-Remixes Vol.1 & 2 (Mijk van Dijk-Remix) – MFS 084
Mijk’s breakthrough release in Japan

Mijk van Dijk – Suck My Soul – Superstition 2067
actually the first single released under the name of „Mijk van Dijk“
Mijk van Dijk  – Glow – Superstition 2074
Mijk’s second artist album

Megatech Body – Ghost In The Shell – Game Soundtrack  – Sony Japan
Mijk’s first PlayStation game soundtrack contribution
Mijk van Dijk – Multi-Mijk  – (Mix-CD)
Greatest Hits Collection for the Japanese market released by Sony Japan

Mijk van Dijk & Thomas Schumacher – Delivery/ Ride-In U – Superstition
Clubhit and appetizer for Mijk’s third album
Mijk van Dijk – Teamwork – Superstition 2099
Mijk’s third artist album, a collection of collaborations with artists such as Thomas Schumacher, Claude Young, Humate, Quazar, Paul M aka Kid Paul aka Energy 52

Superstition 100 – Superstition 2100
Cutup-sample fest of the first 99 Superstition releases
Ridge Racer V  – Original Game Soundtrack (SME Japan) + Namco (PS2)
Playstation 2 launch title video game soundtrack contribution

Mijk van Dijk  – Armored Core 2 V  – Original Game Soundtrack FROM (PS2)
Another Playstation2 video game soundtrack
Mijk van Dijk  & Toby Izui  – Berlin – Tokyo (DJ-Mix-Compilation) –
acclaimed Double-DJ-Mix-CD with his Brother in Raw-partner Toby Izui

Bassed On Classics – Sony
including Mijk’s re-interpretations of classical music by Bohemian copmposers Dvorak and Smetana
Mijk van Dijk – Everyground – Superstition
Mijk’s forth artist album
Decade – The Mix: 10 Years Of Superstition – Superstition
Mix-CD melting over 70 tracks of Superstiton history into 74 minutes of Bastard Pop Techno
2004 + 2005
not much
Mijk van Dijk – Closer – Kling Klong 007
Highly acclaimed cooperation with Martin Eyerer

Plato – Bass  erstaunt-EP – Big & Dirty 009
Mijk’s biggest hit in the 00s

Mijk van Dijk – Denn es ist wie es ist, weil Du bist wie Du bist – BluFin 017
Mijk’s first release on this Cologne-based label

DJ Hell – MischMasch-Mix-Compliation Vol.3 – Fine Music(
Highly acclaimed mix-CD conceived by DJ Hell, engineered by Mijk van Dijk
Rok & Mijk – Jack Your Ass-EP –  Gigolo Recordings 205
Mijk’s  cooperation with legendary Berlin DJ Rok

Phobia – Phobia (HELL-Remix) – Gigolo Recordings 213
Highly acclaimed remix of a classic, that time (almost) forgot

Namito & Mijk van Dijk  – Bassfood-EP – Circle 014
Cooperation with Berlin based buddy Namito

GTO – Pure (Plato-Remix) – io-Music
Great remix of this legendary classic of Techno
DJ Hell – The Disaster – Gigolo Recordings 231
First single of Hell’s forthcoming album, produced with Mijk van Dijk

Mijk van Dijk – Xmas-Carols-EP – BluFin 051
Mijk’s dream come true: a Christmas-EP on BluFin

Little Nobody & Dj Fodder – Cocaine Speaking (Mijk van Dijk-Remix) – Hypnotic Room
Highly acclaimed remix, just re-released in 2010
DJ Hell – Teufelswerk – Gigolo Recordings 250
Mijk coproduces 2 tracks to Hell’s most ambitious album so far
Mijk van Dijk – Ebony & Ivory-EP – BluFin 068
Piano-laden hit single on BluFin Records

Microglobe – Afreuropamericasiaustralica (Director’s Cut) – environ-mental recordings 001
Digital re-release of Mijk’s first album on his first own label

mijktech – Feel Unreal-EP – Hypnotic Room 065
New techno EP with remixes by some of Japan’s finest (Shin Nishimura, DJ Wada, DJ Warp)

Mijk van Dijk – Past Perfect (The Best Of Mijk van Dijk) – Media Factory
Greatest Hits compilation compiled by Mijk himself incl. a bonus track with Kaori Kaneko

mijkfunk – Are Friends Digital? – nuFunkFiles 001
Mijk goes Digital Funk with his second own label to start a legacy
The Chaenge – Rebellion – FormResonance 010
Album by Mijk’s NuFunk band with Wareika-singer Florian Schirmacher

mijkfunk – Kids Want Revolution – nuFunkFiles 002
NuFunk for the masses
Dr. Walker – Hoch die Tassen (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Djungle Fever
Mijk joins the Liquid Sky Berlin family
Der Dritte Raum – Mechanoid (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Der Dritte Raum Recordings
Mijk’s re-definition of his current Boogie House sound.
Benno Blome & Mijk van Dijk – Moonlight/ Spotlight – Sender Records
Berlin cooperation with great remixes by Daniel Dexter and Fabio Gianelli

Mijk van Dijk feat. Michiyo Honda – My Wire To You – Kioon-Sony
Mijk’s contribution to the 2013 WIRE compilation with Overrocket’s Michiyo on vocals
Time4Tale – I Don’t Care (Mijk van Dijk Remix) – Family Grooves
One of two remixes Mijk did for his Croatian friends from Family Grooves

Billie Ray Martin – After All (Mijk van Dijk Remix + Dub) – Disco Activisto
Mijk finally collaborates with the premier Soul/ House Diva from Germany.

coming soon:
Mijk van Dijk – Microglobe Revisited – microglobe productions
New label, new music, almost new Mijk