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Posted by on Aug 5, 2019 in Blog, Japan, Mijk van Dijk, Mystery Monday, other label | 0 comments

Ghost In The Shell PlayStation Soundtrack

ghostintheshellCD1That was such an honour: when Takkyu Ishino curated the lineup of his favourite producers to contribute to a Sony Playstation video game based on the anime Ghost In The Shell from 1995, he invited a who-is-who-of-techno to participate: Claude Young aka Brother From Another Planet, Derrick May, Dave Angel, Hardfloor, C.J. Bolland, The Advent, Westbam, Joey Beltram, Scan X and yours truly. As a huge fan of Shirow Masamune‘s mangas and that particular anime, it was like a dream come true.
ghostintheshellCD2I created three tunes for this game: “Brain Dive”, which you can hear in-between levels, “Firecracker” – already appearing in the second game level and “Fuchikoma”, which you can hear …uhm….in a later level. 😉
All these tunes have also been released through Sony Music Japan on double CD, on double vinyl and on marvellous picture discs and I still love to play them out.
Ghost In The Shell PS1 Walkthough with music by Mijk van Dijk – Firecracker

Here’s a little bonus for you: the complete Playstation game walkthrough:
Ghost In The Shell (PS1) – Full Game – Longplay