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The first single release „Perfect“ of a glow aka Jette von Roth and Mijk van Dijk is now remixed by their friends from the Liquid Sky Berlin collective.

Strange and mysterious things happen in the autumn-coloured forests of Oberhavel in the far north of Brandenburg. Problems shrink and people get lost. Like in this wonderful video

a glow are singer/songwriter Jette von Roth and DJ/producer Mijk van Dijk from Berlin. Together they produce crackling campfire electronica. „perfect“ is the first single release

Himmelpfort is a special place in Germany – it’s a beautiful small village in the far north of Brandenburg, idyllically surrounded by four lakes and dense forests.

This Sunday I give you an original recording from Kiss FM Berlin, transmitting the Interference Festival during Love Parade 1994 at Tresor  – yes, 20 years ago Kiss FM was not yet playing just R&B, but also R&S… 😉 I was jumping in for moderation of the Interference Event for Ellen Allien‘s Brain Candy show […]

Oh look, it’s Special Agent Dale Cooper. Well, of course this is Kyle MacLachlan in the leading role of the movie Dune directed by David Lynch in 1984. While most of the soundtrack of this really nice science fiction movie (also starring Sting of The Police) had been composed by the rock band Toto in conjunction with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the Vienna Volksoper […]

I still remember very well, where I heard Waiting For Cousteau by Jean Michel Jarre for the time. On one of my first tours with MFS Records we were driving through the scenic mountainside between Austria and Munich. It was September 19th 1992 – a Sunday.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Projekt Erde, a very unknown ambient act from Germany. I discovered their double-album Mysterious Vibration/ 11:11 in 1992, mainly due to the nicely looking CD box. Turn this music loud and let it swell and drift like a warm and gentle space wind through your rooms.

I would like to take the opportunity of today’s edition of Sunday Music to celebrate the official video release of Die See im Sinn. This great ambient tune was taken from the no less great album komische welt by Jette von Roth, who celebrated her birthday just two days ago. Happy Birthday, Jette!

When I bought this double vinyl in 1994, I was totally shocked by the stunning beauty of Aphex Twin’s music. Sure, sometimes he drops disturbing industrial hardcore beats. But the Ambient pieces on this album belong to the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard.

… is a perfect soundtrack for an easy Sunday afternoon. I’ve been listening to this live recording from the Opera House in Cologne 1975 so many times over the last decades, the mere sound of the recording became a part of my inner musical system.

….is the pure essence of Balearic music. The blue print to rhythmical chill out. You might know  Sueño Latino from 1989, which sampled a main riff from E2-E4. Rumour has it that Manuel Göttsching recorded this long evolving instrumental track only as a quick session so that he had some music to listen to while driving […]