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Kaga Festival 2

Kaga Festival Japan

Apart from appearances at DOMMUNE and Oiran Warm Up Radio Show my main occupation on my 30th tour to Japan was my first ever gig at Kaga Music Festival,

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Marmion – Schöneberg (2raumwohnung & Der Dritte Raum Remixes)

Hello there, as the Berlin real estate market is heating up, we just made more room in Schöneberg with remixes by 2raumwohnung and Der Dritte Raum.

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Mijk DOMMUNE 2018

Mijk van Dijk at DOMMUNE

To celebrate my 30th tour to Japan, I have been invited to DOMMUNE to talk about my 29 trips to Japan so far. I’m also gonna introduce my new label microglobe. Very excited.

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Mijk in Japan and on Instagram

I’m touring Japan right now, with appearances at Kaga Music Festival and Dommune web TV. Also I started to post on Instagram on a daily basis.

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2raumwohnung – 1993 (Mijk van Dijk Remix)

I did an official remix for the wonderful tune “1993” by German duo 2raumwohnung. I’m very happy with it and can’t wait for your comments.

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T Raum Remixes

Mijk van Dijk Remix out on Schönbrunner Perlen

New Mijk van Dijk Remix out on Schönbrunner Perlen from Vienna. I remixed the track “Horizont” by Austrian artist T Raum, 

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Pandora's Box EP

Mijk van Dijk DJ Charts April 2018

1. Ilija Djokovic – Pandora – Terminal M 2. Christian Nielsen – Together – Exploited Ghetto 3. Daso – Thujon – Connaisseur

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20 Years of Multi-Mijk

Today 20 years ago my first “Best-Of”-Compilation was released in Japan through Sony Music/ Office 7, the CD “Multi-Mijk” mixed by my good friend DJ Toby Izui aka Tobynation in 1998.

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Schöneberg Tim Engelhardt

The Schöneberg Shuffle continues

It’s been a while since Marmion’s Schöneberg has been remixed

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Butch - Countach EP

Mijk van Dijk DJ Charts March 2018

1. Butch – Countach – Cocoon 2. Tale Of Us – Error Error – Fabric 3. Therapy – Alexa, Can We Make A Dance Track – White Label

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Mijk Goethe Institut Kigali

Mijk van Dijk in Rwanda

 I was invited to Rwanda by  Goethe-Institut Kigali to give DJ-and producer workshops, hold a lecture on Berlin Techno culture and play a DJ set at Mamba Club.

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Dapayk Solo - Daydreaming EP

Mijk van Dijk DJ Charts January 2018

1. Dapayk Solo – Daydreaming – Katermukke 2. Charlotte de Witte – Brussels – novamute 3. T Raum – Horizont – Schönbrunner Perlen

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Femme (Short Movie) by Carl Finkbeiner

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Femme (Short Movie) by Carl Finkbeiner

This is the short movie Femme by Carl Finkbeiner. I did the original soundtrack in 1997. Maybe you recognize some of the sequences, that I used in different tracks of my work?...

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Marmion Australia Tour 1996

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Marmion Australia Tour 1996

In November 1996 I toured with my Marmion partner Marcos López through Australia, playing Marmion shows in Brisbane, Adelaide,  Melbourne and Sydney. While Marcos was playing a long DJ set, Mijk presented a collection of Marmion tracks plus some of his own in a live set. In between gigs there was also time to visit Cairns and Ayers Rock, hang out with Koalas and Kangaroos and meet old and new friends.  Luckily we filmed a lot with a Sony Hi8 video camera (please excuse the poor camera quality, it’s not HD) and Marcos edited these two fine movies. Looking back after 20 years, this is now almost a historic documentation. Thanks to everyone who gave us such an extraordinary experience and I do hope to see you all again one day. Australia 1996 – With Marmion Down Under – Part 1 of 2 Australia 1996 – With Marmion Down Under – Part 2 of...

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Escape To Trancyberia – Studio !k7

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Escape To Trancyberia – Studio !k7

This was one of the first projects of Studio !k7: the experimental computer-animated movie Escape To Trancyberia, which was released on VHS Video on September 18th 1995. The track listing is impressive, featuring Speedy J, X-Dream, Commander Krilly, Masa and more. I’m glad, that the complete video is on on YouTube. My exclusive tune “Behind The Screen” starts at 29:30 minutes. It was conceived especially for this movie and never released on any other format....

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Mijk van plays “Schöneberg” live on German TV (1994)

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Mijk van plays “Schöneberg” live on German TV (1994)

Marcos López and me were invited to disucss and perform in the music show Eurotops on East-German TV channel MDR. The topic was dance music and how people interact with it. Another guest was Frank Farian, producer of Boney M, Milli Vanilli, and others. Riding high on the wave of success of our Marmion smasher Schöneberg and of Techno in general, we were very self-confident and with the same self-confidence I stepped into the ring and performed Schöneberg live, with no DAT or strings attached, just the way I would play live in a club or rave with my Ensoniq ASR-10.  So why did I bring those fancy dancers? I actually did not bring them, they were hanging around at the entrance of the club, where the show was about to ve produced. When I unpacked my big equipment cases, they recognized us and asked, if they could dance a little, while I play. I told them to check with the TV crew and if staff would agree, I wouldn’t mind either. Don’t know whatever happened to them after this show. So now check some 90s Techno goodness on...

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Marmion – Berlin EP – Superstition 004

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Marmion – Berlin EP – Superstition 004

In 1993, my friend Marcos Lopez and me composed a classic which two decades later still spreads ecstasy and goose bumps on the dance floors around the world. The Marmion Berlin EP was composed and produced in my studio in Schöneberg and hence one tune was in fact called “Schöneberg”. It became a classic in House/ Techno/ Trance by it’s combination of all these elements and by the love of the people. Marcos and me met as students at Berlin Free University. Both infected with the virus of House music we often talked about music or went clubbing. Marcos was already playing as a DJ in those years and when I gave him the orange Microglobe High On Hope EP, he offered to do a remix together with me. So we did the MDML-Version of that track which appeared on the blue High On Hope EP. Working with Marcos was fun so we decided to produce together. The first track we did was “T-Dancer“, dedicated to the Gay Berlin Tea Dance, where Marcos used to play. The second was already “Schöneberg” , which was produced on a Monday after we both played a fierce back to back DJ set at Bunker CLub Berlin. We were quite lucky that a friend left his Roland Jupiter-6 synth at my studio and Marcos started playing around with it, finally finding the sound and feel of that chordal hook in the grande finale of the track. To further complete our first EP we wanted to add a Tribal track, because that was the sound Marcos was totally interested in. He had already jammed around on his Roland R-8 Mk.II drum machine and build the foundation of a tune which would become “The Secret Plant“. I wanted an Ambient track on our EP that would slowly build up to a strong sequence that would be great for mixing in a fat bassdrum and so we created “Marmion’s Island (Part 1: The Landing)“, which was a track that I loved to start my DJ sets with in the following years. After several well-known labels turned down our first EP (one because they did not like “Schöneberg” – I mean: really!), we decided to give the track to Tobias Lampe, our friend from Hamburg, who just had started his own label Superstition Records. Lucky for us that Superstition was soon on every DJs map due to great releases from Jens Mahlstedt, Kid Paul, Henry Stamerjohann and Gary D. and our own. Good for Superstition that our first Marmion EP found so much love everywhere on this microglobe. I guess part of the magic of “Schöneberg” is that it always worked in all kinds of DJ sets, sometimes too slow, sometimes too fast, but always with that special emotional vibe. Thank you for your support! P.S.: Here you can find some info on “Schöneberg” on Marcos López’ website. If you like Marmion, like us on Facebook. Marmion – Schöneberg (Original) – Superstition Marmion – T-Dancer – Superstition Marmion – The Secret Plant – Superstition Marmion – Marmion’s Island (Part 1 The...

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Classic Mijk van Dijk Interview with Marcos López on DT64

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Classic Mijk van Dijk Interview with Marcos López on DT64

Little did Mijk van Dijk and Marcos López know back in 1992 that they would only one year later release an EP with a track called Schöneberg which would stand as a classic of Techno music even decades later. In 1992 Mijk had just released his first EPs and in conjunction with Cosmic Baby produced the ground-breaking mix compilation Tranceformed From Beyond on MFS Records, often called “the first Trance compilation in history”. Soon-to-become Marmion partner Marcos López hosted a radio show on East German youth radio station DT64 and invited Mijk to introduce the compilation and talk about his music. Thanks to DJ Little M aka Mike Dub from Dresden who recorded the show back then on analogue tape and 2 decades later uploaded it on Mixcloud, let me give you this historical piece of Techno radio journalism. Mijk van Dijk Interview /// DT 64 /// 21.06.1992 by Mike Dub on...

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Alec Empire & Mijk van Dijk live on DT64

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Alec Empire & Mijk van Dijk live on DT64

At the end of 1991, East-German youth radio DT64 did a 24-hour-radio show called “The Night Of The DJs”, hosted by DT64s Techno anchor people Marusha and Marcos Lòpez. Alec Empire of Atari Teenage Riot and me would often hang together, copying safety backups of our latest productions on DAT tapes (we had only one DAT Recorder each) or just listen to music together with Hanin.For the Night of the DJs we wanted to do something different. We decided to do a jam session with our drum machines and acid synths in the DT64 studios. Starting with a sample from Flash Gordon, we lost ourselves in modulation. Strange to listen to this now, but nevertheless a historic recording at the radio station in the same building where I soon would start my first radio show House Arrest on Rockradio B. Alec Empire & Mijk van Dijk LIVE on EastGerman YouthRadio DT64 by Mijk Van Dijk on...

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