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2raumwohnung – 1993 (Mijk van Dijk Remix)

I did an official remix for the wonderful tune “1993” by German duo 2raumwohnung. I’m very happy with it and can’t wait for your comments.

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T Raum Remixes

Mijk van Dijk Remix out on Schönbrunner Perlen

New Mijk van Dijk Remix out on Schönbrunner Perlen from Vienna. I remixed the track “Horizont” by Austrian artist T Raum, 

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Pandora's Box EP

Mijk van Dijk DJ Charts April 2018

1. Ilija Djokovic – Pandora – Terminal M 2. Christian Nielsen – Together – Exploited Ghetto 3. Daso – Thujon – Connaisseur

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20 Years of Multi-Mijk

Today 20 years ago my first “Best-Of”-Compilation was released in Japan through Sony Music/ Office 7, the CD “Multi-Mijk” mixed by my good friend DJ Toby Izui aka Tobynation in 1998.

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Schöneberg Tim Engelhardt

The Schöneberg Shuffle continues

It’s been a while since Marmion’s Schöneberg has been remixed

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Butch - Countach EP

Mijk van Dijk DJ Charts March 2018

1. Butch – Countach – Cocoon 2. Tale Of Us – Error Error – Fabric 3. Therapy – Alexa, Can We Make A Dance Track – White Label

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Mijk Goethe Institut Kigali

Mijk van Dijk in Rwanda

 I was invited to Rwanda by  Goethe-Institut Kigali to give DJ-and producer workshops, hold a lecture on Berlin Techno culture and play a DJ set at Mamba Club.

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Dapayk Solo - Daydreaming EP

Mijk van Dijk DJ Charts January 2018

1. Dapayk Solo – Daydreaming – Katermukke 2. Charlotte de Witte – Brussels – novamute 3. T Raum – Horizont – Schönbrunner Perlen

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shenzhen cover

DJ Set at New Year’s Eve in Shenzhen

Here’s the DJ Set I played at packed Club Oil in Shenzhen/ China on New Year’s Eve 2018. What a night to start the New Year.

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MvD Japan Tour 2017_2

Mijk van Dijk Japan Tour 2017

I’m very happy to announce my 2017 Japan Tour. This September I shall tour Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo and introduce the music of my new label microglobe.

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magical mystery film plakat square

Magical Mystery: Marmion in the movies

Yesterday I attended the Berlin premiere of a new movie after a book by Element Of Crime singer Sven Regener. It’s a comedy set in the German Techno scene of the 90s.  Marmion’s 1993 classic “Schöneberg” is part of the soundtrack.

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2raumwohnung Radio Interview, also about “Schöneberg”

German electronic pop duo 2raumwohung aka Inga Humpe and Tommi Eckart just released their 8th studio album Nacht und Tag. The opening track “1993” also carries some inspiration from “Schöneberg”

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Classic Mijk van Dijk Interview with Marcos López on DT64

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Classic Mijk van Dijk Interview with Marcos López on DT64

Little did Mijk van Dijk and Marcos López know back in 1992 that they would only one year later release an EP with a track called Schöneberg which would stand as a classic of Techno music even decades later. In 1992 Mijk had just released his first EPs and in conjunction with Cosmic Baby produced the ground-breaking mix compilation Tranceformed From Beyond on MFS Records, often called “the first Trance compilation in history”. Soon-to-become Marmion partner Marcos López hosted a radio show on East German youth radio station DT64 and invited Mijk to introduce the compilation and talk about his music. Thanks to DJ Little M aka Mike Dub from Dresden who recorded the show back then on analogue tape and 2 decades later uploaded it on Mixcloud, let me give you this historical piece of Techno radio journalism. Mijk van Dijk Interview /// DT 64 /// 21.06.1992 by Mike Dub on...

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Alec Empire & Mijk van Dijk live on DT64

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Alec Empire & Mijk van Dijk live on DT64

At the end of 1991, East-German youth radio DT64 did a 24-hour-radio show called “The Night Of The DJs”, hosted by DT64s Techno anchor people Marusha and Marcos Lòpez. Alec Empire of Atari Teenage Riot and me would often hang together, copying safety backups of our latest productions on DAT tapes (we had only one DAT Recorder each) or just listen to music together with Hanin.For the Night of the DJs we wanted to do something different. We decided to do a jam session with our drum machines and acid synths in the DT64 studios. Starting with a sample from Flash Gordon, we lost ourselves in modulation. Strange to listen to this now, but nevertheless a historic recording at the radio station in the same building where I soon would start my first radio show House Arrest on Rockradio B. Alec Empire & Mijk van Dijk LIVE on EastGerman YouthRadio DT64 by Mijk Van Dijk on...

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